The Power of an “About Us” page – Part 1

Does your site have an “About Us” page? Do you have one simply because everyone else does or because you really need one? What’s the real value of your “About Us” page? Do you know how to maximize its value?

Building a website is, in many ways, an exercise of willpower. It’s tempting to get distracted by the bells and whistles of the design process, and forget all about creating compelling content. But it’s that last part that’s crucial to making inbound marketing work for your business.

What Your “About Us” Page Should be About.

This is where you get to tell your story, why you exist, what problems you solve.

The purpose of the “About Us” page is to break down the facade of confidence-destroying anonymity of the web and of corporations. The visitor who clicks on that page is giving you their permission to share with them all about your company, in the spirit of transparency and with an authentic voice that allows you to share all that makes you the organization that you are.

Most companies are never shy about talking about themselves until it comes to this page. However, when a visitor clicks on your “About Us” page it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus on why they are there and what problems they need solved.

7 Questions to Start Writing Your “About Us” Page

Your company exists as it is for several reasons other than to make money. You could sell one of a million different products or services, but you chose (or created) your products for a reason. That reason is the story your company has to tell and the value it has to offer. Your “About Us” page is the perfect place to tell that story. If you tell that story with integrity and passion and speak to your customer personas’ needs, you’ll have a powerful piece that will increase conversion.

  1. Why do you do what you do? Really!
  2. Who are the people behind the company? .
  3. What kind of people are you? Who will I be working with or buying from? Whats your personality?
  4. What are you most proud of as an organization?
  5. Why should your customers care about you or get know you better?
  6. What does your company stand for?
  7. What does your company stand against?

It may help if you query your customer/fan base to share 3-5 words that describe what they think about when they think about “your brand.”

For an example of an honest and transparent “About Us” page, you can refer to

NB: This also goes for personal brand websites as well.

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