We're not like the other guys.

We are the kind of team you will call at 2am for a job with a 5am deadline and we will deliver. We kick ass for our clients. We are super heroes for our clients. We use our talents as strategists, designers, writers, artists, programmers and marketers to achieve a higher purpose: to get our clients their desired results.

2010 - 2013

Bumpy Startup

Steve Maraboli said, " I have come to accept the bumpy roads of life; they seem to lead to the best places." We know how true that statement is now but some years ago when we were but toddlers in the business, we could have sworn that we were cursed. Everything was determined to go south. We didnt start with a trust fund so yeah, there was so much we had to sacrifice for and improvise with. #Dumsor #StockMarket #WorkingPCs etc.

If you think Ghana has the most annoying road bumps and pot holes, start a business!!

2013 - 2016

Failing Our Way to Success

It has not been easy and we are not where we desire yet. But we have come a long way. And our strongest strategy has been and remains the fact that we literally, FAILED OUR WAY TO THIS MOMENT. We know this is not what you will expect to read on our website; but if there is one thing our failures have taught us, it is the fact that HONEST COMMUNICATION is KING in every business relationship. So this is us, telling you that we have failed our way to this moment. Every single mistake you can imagine, we have done it all. Promising clients ridiculous deadlines and failing miserably to meet them? Taking up work we are not skilled for and failing devastatingly at them? Terrible client service? Yes! Some clients heard from us once in a whole year. We have done it all. But we didnt give up. When some clients quit working with us, others failed to pay us, some hurled insults at us ... it got bad but we didn't quit.

Failing our way to this exact moment, is the reason why we know what works and what doesn't work. It is the reason why we will not tell you we are the best but instead we will tell you the truth, that we will not sleep until we deliver only the best to you.

2017 - NOW

Newly & Improved - Getting our Super Powers

Flash forward, some 100 years into civilisation, here we are. In 2017. Stronger. Better. Creative. Passionate. Fast. Reliable. Dependable. Badasses! These are the words clients use to describe us today. We are still not where we desire to be but we have grown. We have stood the test of time and we have become extremely good at what we do. We take every single client's job seriously, we fight for our clients, we defend them, we become working extensions of our clients workforce. We are fixers who build brands and make businesses work. We are badasses who blend technology, design and communication to create mind blowing user experiences for our clients. We are your dream team.

Won't you rather hire SUPER HEROES to work on your projects?