Web-on-the-Go is an innovative service by IConceptsPR to provide dynamic websites for startups, SMEs, NGOs and individuals interested in putting their brands, products and services online without the daunting cost associated with developing a website as it currently is the case.

Web-on-the-Go provides promotional complimentary website installations with a minimal monthly subscription fee . This will bring a world of relief to individuals, companies and organizations that want to have a web presence but do not necessarily have the budget for lump sum payments.

With a mission to get over a million businesses in Africa online, Web-on-the-Go is positioned to provide unparalleled service and support to subscribers ensuring that their business is global in their effort to reach more clients beyond their immediate target market.

Web-on-the-Go Services (After Promo):

Domain Extension (www.webonthego.org/yourcompanyname) – 50 Ghana Cedis

Sub Domain (www.yourcompany.iconceptspr.com) – 110 Ghana Cedis

Premium Service (www.yourcompanyname.com) – 275 Ghana Cedis

Web On The Go Packages

Web-on-the-Go Packages are calculated as 10% of the total size of website after installation.

Starter Pack Plus

20 Ghana Cedis Monthly for up to 101MB – 200MB Website Size

Crawler Pack

30 Ghana Cedis Monthly for up to 201MB – 300MB Website Size

Crawler Pack Plus

40 Ghana Cedis Monthly for up to 301MB – 400MB Website Size

Leaper Pack

50 Ghana Cedis Monthly for up to 401MB – 500MB Website Size

Leaper Pack Plus

60 Ghana Cedis Monthly for up to 501MB – 600MB Website Size

Runner Pack

60-90 Ghana Cedis Monthly for up to 601MB – 900MB Website Size

Runner Pack Plus

100 Ghana Cedis Monthly for up to 901MB – 1000MB Website Size

Sprinter Pack

200 Ghana Cedis Monthly for up to 1001MB – 1500MB Website Size