About ICPR

Energizing Your Brand!

We offer a full range of Integrated Marketing Communications and public relations services. From initial market research and strategic planning to editorial services, multimedia, blog & vlog consulting, website development, social media strategy & execution, event planning and PR metrics; our comprehensive public relations and online services can be tailored to fit any PR or Integrated Marketing Communications Needs.

Any business runs on a value proposition that benefits its customers. We help you define that value and communicate it to the people who matter — customers, prospects, influencers. We engage the people you must reach by driving your business' workings to their best performance by encompassing all communications into crisp, focused, relevant PR messages that convey your business' products and services.

What Drives Us...

IConceptsPR is one of the nation’s fastest growing independent integrated marketing & communications companies.

Our Mission is to immensely & sustainably energize the brands of clients to position them to lead their competition, maximize return on investments and achieve their corporate vision.

We are driven my the desire to see our clients expand and realize all their business goals.

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We are brand builders and energizers who kick ass and are super heroes for our clients. #ICPR

What We Serve You

Our work with you starts with your vision. Whether you're looking to disrupt markets, establish a category or become a thought leader, our first task is to understand your business goals and shape a branding and communications strategy around them.

It also takes vibrant, dynamic content that people want to share. We use our journalistic roots, storytelling skills and broad digital content production capabilities to wrap your message in content that inspires, educates, informs and entertains.

We are the kind of team you will call at 2am for a job with a 5am deadline and we will deliver. We use our talents as strategists, designers, writers, artists, programmers and marketers to achieve a higher purpose: to get our clients their desired results.